Internet Explorer (IE 5, 5.5, 6 and 7) CSS Hacks

Interesante artículo de Andrew Sellick, que nos muestra

algunos tips para "hackear" el CSS y lograr efectos deseados en cuanto a compatibilidad de browsers.

Phew.  Right now I’ve got that out of the way lets start

off with one of the most commonly used hacks, the underscore hack.


This will work in all IE browsers below IE 7 but NOT IE 7 itself.

Next we move onto the backslash hack.


This will work in most browsers (Firefox 2 and 1.5, IE 7 and 6, Opera) however it is not recognised in IE

5.5 and 5.

Then the star hack.


This works in all versions of IE but not other browsers.

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